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Warranty Liability

1.1 24 Hours / & 7 Days Service to make sure a fast response for sales and service.

1.2 Different products will obtain the different warranty, the details please contact or the salesman.

1.3 TOOTOO will provide spare parts of and support for the Products for not less than 5 years from TOOTOO’s delivery of such Products to Distributor.

2. Out of Warranty Period

2.1 TOOTOO’s obligation or liability under this Policy does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the Products.

2.2 TOOTOO shall not be liable for defects in the Products resulting from modifications or changes in specifications if the aforementioned modifications or changes were requested by Distributor;

2.3 The warranty does not extend to parts, accessories, software or equipment that was not manufactured or distributed by TOOTOO.