Reliable Performance

◆ High-speed and stable rotation of the turbine.

◆ Long service life of the hand piece movement.

◆ Durable spare parts.

Complete Configuration

◆ High speed and low speed Hand pieces.

◆ Clean water and disinfectant bottles.

◆ A magnetic stainless steel tray for instruments.

Optional Combinations

◆ One empty port for hand-piece,  polishing or laser.

◆ Extension bracket for DR installation.

◆ A computer bracket  combined with PACS image transmission system.

Stable Compressor 

◆ Wrapped aluminum alloy heat sink.

◆ Independent gas circuit design and easy operation.

◆ Explosion-proof tube overpressure nozzles.

Qualified Components

◆ High-quality movement  with non-flying tip tech, LED self-illumination.

◆ A bend low-speed hand piece, straight head in option.

◆ 33000rpm high-frequency scaling handle.

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