Dimensions(L x W x H):3660 *1570*700mm

Product Description

1. The cage structure is reasonable, super pressure-bearing, sturdy and   durable.

2.  Door lock sliding design, automatic locking, silent, safe.

3.  The cage is designed with a seamless water retaining edge for easier and healthier use.

4.  The unique rounded corner design in the cage solves the problem that dead corner dirt is difficult to clean.

5.  Cage door and pedal grid, using high frequency current welding, sturdy and durable, without de-soldering.

6.  In the middle of the lower cage, the movable partition is set. The partition can be extracted to make lower cage become into a large cage, and large dogs can also be easily accommodated.

7.  The inside of the dirt pan is designed with a beveled corner, leaving no dead ends for easy washing.

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