1.Stackable Installation and convenient Combination .

  • Suitable for small and large animals
  • Partition design allows easy division
  • 2 to 4 cabins combination for options

2.Real-time display and control. Real-time display of all cabin parameters  with professional interface,such as O2,CO2,humidity and temperature.

3.Supplementary Therapy. Nebulization, ion therapy, and environmental sterilization can help with the recovery.

4.Warning and Protection. Oxygen insert reminding to prevent human negligence. Built-in battery for power failure protection;Smart-control of ventilation in low oxygen situation.

5.Quiet Air Compressor. Efficient in cooling and heating system, good performance in air balancing.

6.Ventilation and Internal Circulation. Built-in buffer area to isolate infection risk.

7.Oxygen Enrichment and Comfortable Environment. Provide 2 times the standard oxygen concentration within 10 mins

8.Purification and Disinfection. Real-time disinfection, sterilization and deodorization in ICU cabin.

9.Lighting management. Blue ,wam and cool light.

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