JackSon Rees T-type Non-Rebreathing Circuit for Veterinary

JackSon Rees T-type Non-Rebreathing Circuit

for Veterinary or small animals

  • Simple and easy to use closed system circuit for anesthesia.
  • Tail-end control valve for adjustment of pressure level within the system.
  • Control valve can be connected to a scavenge system to collect exhaled air.
  • Latex-free bag to minimize the risk of latex allergic reaction.
  • All components are single patient use and not intended to be reprocessed for multiple use.
  • Breathing bag system
  • Materials:  Single patient use
  • Supply tub:  PVC
  • Patient port 22/15mm
  • Gas supply port: 15mm OD,
  • Breathing bag: 2 liters, latex (different sizes or latex-free options available)
  • Exhale/scavenge port: 22/19mm
  • Tubing: shown in the table above
  • Optional Accessories:

– Anesthesia masks

– Different sizes of breathing bag: 2L, 1L,

– Latex-Free Breathing Bag

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