Easy to Use : Only connect the Pet Apnea Monitor between the endotracheal tube and your anesthesia machine, then you are set to go!

Sensitive to Apnea : If your pet fails to breathe for 15 seconds, Pet Apnea Monitor will start to sound beep.

To Turn on Automatically : Just connect with the pet. The first breath of your pet will turn on the Pet Apnea Monitor automatically!

To Turn off Automatically : When the pet is disconnected, the Pet Apnea Monitor will wait 25 seconds, then beep for 20 seconds before turning off.

Built-in Battery : Pet Apnea Monitor adopts a long life Lithium battery to provide up to 2 years of service. No battery changes or maintenance.

Easy to Clean : Use a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol 70% to wipe it, then use a clean cloth to dry it before use. Do not immerse it in liquid or sterilize it with autoclave.

To keep it in an enclosed space : When you don’t use it, please keep the Pet Apnea Monitor in plastic package or a  drawer to avoid triggering its sensitive function.

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