Meditech incubator is a chamber that offers stable temperature and humidity , as well as medical atomization treatments , creating a comfortable and therapeutic environment for your animals . Each unit comes with a 10 lighting stage amberlighting and sterilization function.
1. llumination Function. Creating a comfortable therapeutic environment.
2. Carbon Dioxide Concentration Monitoring System. Meditech incubator equipped with a precise carbon dioxide concentration monitor , which can monitor changes in carbon dioxidecon centration in the ICU . When carbon dioxide concentration exceeds the standard value, it will trigger the alarm system.
3. Accurate Temperature Control. The exclusive dual flow circulation system prevents any concerns regarding overheating by consistently and gently ventilating .
4. Sterilization Function. Greatly diminishes the possibility of cross-contamination.
5. Humidification System.1803 have built-in humidifier.
6. Negative-ion Generation. Augments the Medical Effects of the ICU , accelerate the wound healing.
7. Medical Atomization Treatment. 1803 has external nebulizer. It can produce 0.5-4 micron atomized particles of medicine , make full use of the medicine.

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