1. Two sizes avalible (Pluto 0003x& Pluto 0004x)
  2. Patented high-definition direct imaging technology
  3. Ip68 water and dust protection
  4. Thin footprint design for comfort and accuracy
  5. Obtain High-quality Diagnostic Images. With photon-counting technology, the broad dynamic range of our sensor eliminates time-consumingexposure adjustments.Patented high-definition direct maging technique avoids light scattering interference from conventional indirect imging and enables stable image acquisition. Quick and easy adjustments to contrast and brightness meet various clinical requirements.
  6. Veterinary specific dental radiography software. Making image capture simple with Xpectvision imaging software . This sensor utilizes user-friendly imaging software with a lookand formatting that are familiar and easy to learn . Our software is DICOM compliant and is compatible with Twain-compliant practice management systems.

High resolution image

Powerful no-hassle software

Intuitive and logical interface

Simplified acquisition

Dicom-formatted images

Data backup and restore functions

22 helpful and practical tools

Bridges with most maior practice

Management programs

Store any digital image

  1. Mechanical Diensions (mm): 25.0×38.5×4.5/ 0x40.0x4.5

Active Area: (20×30) / (26×36)

Pixel Matrix : (1.5M) 1000×1500 / (2.34M) 1300×1800

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