Dimensions(L x W x H):  1400*650*760-1060mm


Product description:

1.The height of the operating table is lifted and lowered by electric control, and the lower tank is equipped in the middle.

2.The working table can be tilted by 5°~15° to the left and right, and mechanically operated manually.

3. The front and back of the platform can be tilted by 45° respectively, with electronic operation.

4.The whole table is compact, reliable and reasonable, and easy to operate.

5.The countertop is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature,corrosion and rust.

6.The working surface temperature adjustment range is between 0-60 degrees,and the automatic thermostatic function can be adjusted as required temperature.

7.Built-in heating protector to ensure the 100% safety.

8.Designed four fastener around the table, easy for fixing and reliable.

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